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About us



Aria Royal Construction Company has been founded on three values: better quality, systematic thinking & safety, and hygiene & environment. Despite the fact it is a young company in terms of its operation, she has been able to improve Iran’s construction industry standards.

Run by experienced and expert engineers, and cherishing a proper organization based on the time-cost-quality triangle, the company, as one of the leading companies of Iran in the field of construction, has been able to undertake the executive operations of huge construction projects and accomplish them satisfactorily and within the shortest time possible.

The company plays a significant role in the integrated management of projects and programs through its own PMO (Project Management Office). Such management has led to the homogenization of standards, supervision and monitoring, innovation process, and emphasis on construction time and enhancement of efficiency.

The principal mission of this company is employing innovative tools, and creating national & international investment opportunities for enhancing the value of better quality constructions meeting the standards and within the shortest possible time. The company also consistently endeavors to improve the quality of her products and enhance the executive and regulatory processes.



    • Increasing the area and number of completed projects
    • Top brand in implementing projects in the shortest time with optimal quality using project management systems
    • Observance of safety and health in all projects
    • Achieving maximum customer satisfaction through product quality design and implementation
    • Issuance of technical and engineering services


Becoming a top brand in implementing projects in the shortest time with the desired quality and observing safety issues by using project management standards to create added value by using new system tools and project management through investment and construction in various uses for All customers nationwide

Directional elements


  • vision:
    • Being the best in providing superior quality and value-added services to customers using an advanced project management system


  • Mission:
    • Our mission is to use modern system and engineering tools in order to build high quality and create value for customers throughout Iran.


  • Professional and organizational values:
    • best quality
    • Systematic thinking
    • Individual and organizational development
    • Safety, health and environment